Simbol dalam HTML

Sekedar berbagi aja barang kali belum ada yang mengetahui, apa aja sih simbol dalam html yang mungkin dapat membuat kita berkata dalam hati “Oh… ternyata ini kode untuk simbolnya”.. hehe. langsung aja gan cekibrot.

Math Symbols Supported by HTML

Character Entity Number Entity Name Description
∀ for all
∂ part
∃ exists
∅ empty
∇ nabla
∈ isin
∉ notin
∋ ni
∏ prod
∑ sum
− minus
∗ lowast
√ square root
∝ proportional to
∞ infinity
∠ angle
∧ and
∨ or
∩ cap
∪ cup
∫ integral
∴ therefore
∼ similar to
≅ congruent to
≈ almost equal
≠ not equal
≡ equivalent
≤ less or equal
≥ greater or equal
⊂ subset of
⊃ superset of
⊄ not subset of
⊆ subset or equal
⊇ superset or equal
⊕ circled plus
⊗ circled times
⊥ perpendicular
⋅ dot operator

Greek Letters Supported by HTML

Character Entity Number Entity Name Description
Α Α Α Alpha
Β Β Β Beta
Γ Γ Γ Gamma
Δ Δ Δ Delta
Ε Ε Ε Epsilon
Ζ Ζ Ζ Zeta
Η Η Η Eta
Θ Θ Θ Theta
Ι Ι Ι Iota
Κ Κ Κ Kappa
Λ Λ Λ Lambda
Μ Μ Μ Mu
Ν Ν Ν Nu
Ξ Ξ Ξ Xi
Ο Ο Ο Omicron
Π Π Π Pi
Ρ Ρ Ρ Rho
undefined Sigmaf
Σ Σ Σ Sigma
Τ Τ Τ Tau
Υ Υ Υ Upsilon
Φ Φ Φ Phi
Χ Χ Χ Chi
Ψ Ψ Ψ Psi
Ω Ω Ω Omega
α α α alpha
β β β beta
γ γ γ gamma
δ δ δ delta
ε ε ε epsilon
ζ ζ ζ zeta
η η η eta
θ θ θ theta
ι ι ι iota
κ κ κ kappa
λ λ λ lambda
μ μ μ mu
ν ν ν nu
ξ ξ ξ xi
ο ο ο omicron
π π π pi
ρ ρ ρ rho
ς ς ς sigmaf
σ σ σ sigma
τ τ τ tau
υ υ υ upsilon
φ φ φ phi
χ χ χ chi
ψ ψ ψ psi
ω ω ω omega
ϑ ϑ ϑ theta symbol
ϒ ϒ ϒ upsilon symbol
ϖ ϖ ϖ pi symbol

Other Entities Supported by HTML

Character Entity Number Entity Name Description
ΠΠΠcapital ligature OE
œ œ œ small ligature oe
Š Š Š capital S with caron
š š š small S with caron
Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ capital Y with diaeres
ƒ ƒ ƒ f with hook
ˆ ˆ ˆ modifier letter circumflex accent
˜ ˜ ˜ small tilde
  en space
  em space
  thin space
‌ zero width non-joiner
‍ zero width joiner
‎ left-to-right mark
‏ right-to-left mark
– en dash
— em dash
‘ left single quotation mark
’ right single quotation mark
‚ single low-9 quotation mark
“ left double quotation mark
” right double quotation mark
„ double low-9 quotation mark
† dagger
‡ double dagger
• bullet
… horizontal ellipsis
‰ per mille
′ minutes
″ seconds
‹ single left angle quotation
› single right angle quotation
‾ overline
€ euro
™ or ™ ™ trademark
← left arrow
↑ up arrow
→ right arrow
↓ down arrow
↔ left right arrow
↵ carriage return arrow
⌈ left ceiling
⌉ right ceiling
⌊ left floor
⌋ right floor
◊ lozenge
♠ spade
♣ club
♥ heart
♦ diamond

Sumber : w3schools


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