Networking Transmit System

Networking Transmit System

On networking system we need tow computers or more than it for transfer or receive each other. Transfer or receive data often called by transmit system. Transmit system was transferred data on coaxial cable, optic fiber, electromagnetic, etc. on this article, I will tell you about how transferring data can be done.

Computer wouldn’t indentify human language, but machine language. So, we should be converting it in machine language (bit or binary). We used protocol as the program for transfer or receive data from source to receive. On the protocol, data has transferred from source on binary (machine language) that converted in characters. It will be combining and be able to command the computer to do something. For the example, we will transfer 13. At the first we need convert it from decimal to binary. On decimal character ‘1’ is ‘0001’ and ‘3’ is ‘0011’. And then it can be transfer with two manners (serial and parallel). On transmit system, there are something that called by ‘bps’ (bit per second) or ‘cps’ (character per second). And we often listen about 4-bit, 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit and now 64-bit. Maybe it’ll be advance.

Look the example in the bottom, source transfer character ‘13’ to receive on 4-bit.

1 (decimal) = 0001 (binary), and then

3 (binary) = 0011 (binary).

So, source transfer character ‘1’ at first and then ‘3’ secondly. Both had turn on machine language (binary or bit) in 4-bit.



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