A New Version for You from Microsoft

Well in fact, although there’re any different opinions about this name. However, for used a code of Operating System name as trademark is unusual things for Microsoft. Nash had admitted that sure enough its first time for Windows. Previous, Chicago was a name for Windows ’95, while Windows ’98, Windows XP, and Windows Vista ever known as Memphis, Whistler, and Longhorn.
Although Microsoft had released ‘Windows 7’ was a new name for new Operating System by Microsoft. But, Microsoft hadn’t told when it would be released. On the report it would be released after Windows Vista has finished nearly in 2010. So, let’s wishing it coming soon…On October, Microsoft Corp. has launched a new version Operating System of Windows. That’s Windows 7. Mike Nash (Vice President Windows Microsoft Management) in Microsoft’s Vista blog said that Windows 7 is a good name for a new release of Windows. So this name will be sense. Because of Mike Nash said that, it’s been conflict in the cyber world. Any opinion said that it’s not suitable for windows that always used the year for named its Operating System. And there also said that ‘Does windows 7 is real seventh release?’ .


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