Amazing Dragonfly

amazing wings

amazing wings

the dragonfly wings can’t be folded. besides, manner fly of dragonfly used which a pair of wing moved, so dragonfly is very different with other insects. Because insect had been fly with, so it often called as under developed insect. Anyway had a manner of amazing flying. This is one of the best created by Allah. Helicopter is a result of analogic from the dragon fly. IBM had been created helicopter system with compare a system of a dragonfly. Two thousand manner system fly of dragonfly had applied on the
helicopter. So the model of dragonfly had gave a new system for helicopter. For the example like as army helicopter that can bring troops and amunition on it. Gilles Martin, a profesional fotographer, had been observation until 2 years for this experiment and he also conclude that it has a manner of flying complexly. The body of dragon fly like as a contort that fulfil from metal. A pair of wings are crossing each other. It’s make the wings looks blue  and read. Because the body like this, the dragonfly can fly with amazing manuver.


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