Why do we born in this world?

in our heart, we often ask, why do we born to world?  is our aim alive at world? Al – Qur’an said that Allah have created evil spirit and human just for worshipped Allah. That is clear, isn’t it? But today, why many people still to consider glory in the world? The answer there’s only in your self. Every day we look for what is the meaning of life absolutely. which one do you like, look for wealth at world and will override that life or we serve to Allah and override the world. Have you ever heard that today and hereafter must be poised? That mean we may looking for the world, but we also don’t ever forget the life after now and tomorrow. we must be able to poise either. There were  a story about director that has an employee. He was very lazy. He looks haven’t a spirit of life. At onetime the director thought to sent him into the training centre of religion during one month. And hope with this he will get his spirit anymore. After one month he was coming back to the office and talk to the director. And then director spoke to him. He said, “Hi Mr. Rudi, how do you do ?”. “I’m fine, Sir”. “How do you feel now ?”, the director forward. “At the first, let I to say thank you for you, Sir. Because of you my life has changed. Now, I know about what is the meaning of life”. “Oh, it’s great, I proud to you. well, by the way do you have a planning for our company ?”, said the director. “I’m sorry before Sir, can I ask any question to you ?”, said Mr. Rudi. “Of course, please”, forward the director. “Ok Sir, have you ever feel that we’ve been works since one of this year, but we had never tried to close with god”, Mr. Rudi Ask. “Em..e..”, director was confused got a question like that. And then Mr. Rudi forward, “During the time, we’ve been work very long time, so I have an idea, how if half from our time used to close the god. Six month in one year is enough, what do you think, Sir ?”.
Finally, with little forcing the director approve that recommendation. And can you conceive that the company they manage was bankrupt. In here can conclude from the above condition that between reach the world and close to the god must be balance.


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